7 Criminals Escape From Makongeni Police Station, Thika

  • Seven suspected hardcore criminals staged a daring escape on Thursday from Makongeni Police Station, Thika.

    According to the OB record, a police officer on duty heard a soft knock on the wall and went out to check the source of the noise.

    "The police officer saw a person dash across the motorcycles parking yard and promptly raised alarm," the OB account indicated.

    Once the officers came out, the other suspects started making noise to attract the attention of the police.

    On getting to the cells, the officers were informed by the suspects that seven out of the 21 people incarcerated at the facility had escaped.

    The prisoners reportedly made their way from the Makongeni station by cutting the metal grill off the police cell's ventilation.

    Sources indicate that the escapees included five robbery with violence suspects and two others arrested over trafficking narcotics.

    The seven, identified as Paul K Ngui, John M Wambui, David Karanja, Benson Kimani and Kelvin Gaitho had been arrested over robbery with violence while their counterparts Harun Kibe Njoroge and Josphat Muturi had been arrested over drug trafficking.

    Other reports allege that the suspects who escaped had been held at the station for long which likely gave them ample time to plan and execute their break out.

    The escape reportedly prompted a meeting of top regional security officials to address the circumstances that led to the security lapse.

    Thika town hit the headlines in November 2017 after robbers dug a tunnel for seven months which saw them access a bank before stealing Ksh50 million.