Kenya Joins Global Anti-Terror Coalition Against ISIS

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta inspects a machine gun mounted on top of an Armoured Personnel Carrier Daily Nation
  • Kenya has joined a league of nations collaborating against terror group ISIS.

    Kenya was, on Wednesday, officially welcomed into the 79-member Global Coalition Against ISIS at a conference of Foreign Ministers in Washington, DC.

    The meeting by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also attended by President Donald Trump. 

    US President Donald Trump speaks to the ministers of the Global Coalition against ISIS

    “I welcome our newest members, Kenya and Fiji to this family of nations committed to defeating ISIS and its affiliates. Let us do this together," Pompeo mentioned in his opening remarks at the conference.

    The  Global Coalition is committed to tackling ISIS on all fronts, to dismantle its networks, counter its global ambitions, degrade and ultimately defeat ISIS and its affiliates.

    The meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Coalition reviewed the progress of the past year and discussed the next stage in the campaign to ensure the defeat of ISIS. 

    Kenyan delegation was led by Foreign Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary, Ababu Namwamba.

    Namwamba indicated the country was motivated to join the group so it could air some grievances that result from frequent terror attacks from Al Shabaab.

    The CAS disclosed that he pitched for the Al Shabaab to be officially classified as a terrorist group by the UN Security Council and the US, who currently categorise the group only as a militia. 

    “Inconsistent with the current classification by the United Nations Security Council, Al Shabaab is no longer a militia but an organization that has metamorphosed into a hydra-headed monster.

    "Its reach through Africa, in Somalia, eastern Congo, and northern Mozambique demonstrates the catastrophic dimension of its ambition and speaks to its potency as a raging terrorist group,” Ababu told the conference.

    Cabinet administrative Secretary foreign affairs Ababu Namwamba and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo