Kenyan Movie Tops in International Awards

  • Kenyan Film wins International Award Twitter
  • A Kenyan movie titled ‘Supa Modo’ won best European children’s film during an event held in Berlin, Germany on Sunday.

    On their Twitter page, the producers of the movie expressed how excited they were about the win.

    “We won!! SUPA MODO won the Best European Children’s Film at the ECFA,” the tweet stated.

    SUPA MODO won Best European Children's Film.

    The award was handed to them during the Berlinale-Berlin International Film Festival.

    Supa Modo, which is directed by Likarion Wainaina and co-produced by Mugambi Nthiga, is about the life of a young girl who wants to be a superhero but her ambitions are threatened by an incurable illness.

    Villagers witness her challenges and make her desires of being a super-heroine possible by plotting a genius plan with the goal to make her wish come true.

    The film was also nominated for an Oscar by the Kenyan Oscars selection committee after it beat two other Kenyan films, Rafiki and Njata.

    The committee stated the film met all the requirements and also had strong bodywork on the technical aspect and entertainment value.

    However, the film did not make to the list of final nominations after it failed to impress the 17 academy branches.

    ECFA gives special attention to quality films for a young audience and is awarded by professionals.

    The award was handed to them at the Berlin International Film festival