Pregnant Woman Killed by Speeding Lorry Evading Arrest

  • A police vehicle involved in an accident. Facebook
  • Tragedy struck on Monday when a pregnant woman was crushed to death by a lorry that was trying to evade arrest in Nakuru.

    25-year-old Eunice Maguke and her unborn child met their gruesome death at her kiosk on the roadside.

    According to eyewitnesses, the lorry driver was ferrying soil when it rammed into her stall at Kabachi area.

    Gladys Nekesa, who runs an adjacent kiosk recalled the incident, "I saw a lorry speeding towards our kiosks, and within seconds, screams filled the air and the next minutes, I saw Maguke’s body.

    The lorry that crashed into the stalls killing a pregnant woman in Nakuru town.

    "The driver of the lorry tried escaping before boda boda riders intercepted him and beat him up. He was rushed to a local hospital," she was quoted by the Nation.

    Many at the scene stated that they saw the police vehicle that was chasing the lorry.

    “I saw the police vehicle make a U-turn after they realized the lorry had been involved in an accident. It is not clear where the lorry was heading to with the construction material,” one of the residents told journalists.

    Police collected the body thirty minutes after the crash and took it to Nakuru War Memorial hospital.

    There was some commotion when the owner of the lorry arrived at the scene and attempted to block journalists from covering the matter.

    Family members revealed that Eunice was six-months pregnant at the time of her death with her brother James Ouko Oginga adding that they had reported the matter at Nakuru Police station.

    Eunice Maguke was killed when a lorry rammed into her kiosk. She was six-months pregnant at the time.