Radio Presenter Alex Mwakideu Announces His 2022 Political Bid

  • Radio Presenter Alex Mwakideu announces his interest in Wundayi MP seat. Twitter
  • Milele FM Presenter Alex Mwakideu on Tuesday announced his interest in becoming the next Wundayi MP in 2022.

    Speaking to, Mwakideu confirmed his interest in the seat after he posted a photo of himself on his Twitter page with the caption “Wundayi MP 2022”.

    “Let me correct you, I’m not running for the MP seat, I am becoming Wundayi MP in 2022,” he stated with affirmation.

    Radio Presenter Alex Mwakideu

    Mwakideu indicated that his decision had been emboldened by the fact that nothing much had been done for his community by the former MP’s.

    “I want to give back to the Society, going back at home, nothing much has been done,” he stated.

    In an unlikely twist to the story, Mwakideu stated his co-presenter was also interested in politics come 2022.

    Jalang’o (Felix Odiwour) will also become an MP,” he cited.

    He, however, stated they would not do away with their radio careers.

    “Imagine both of us being MP’s...” Mwakideu posed on his political ambition.

    Mwakideu’s announcement was received well by his fans as some promised to cast their vote in his favor.

    Radio presenters Jalang'o and Alex Mwakideu

    “Go for it brother, your hard work and ambitions are well evident,” Bennahkush, one of his fans commented.