Court Suspends Charges Against Ameritrade as NYS Trial Proceeds

  • Former NYS Director-General Richard Ndubai (R) with co-accused at a Milimani Court Daily Nation
  • A Nairobi court on Tuesday indicated that the trial of 35 NYS suspects will proceed without Mr James Katululu and his company, Ameritrade Limited.

    The accused persons are suspects in a graft case involvingĀ loss of Ksh167 million at the National Youth Service.

    The court directive by Senior Principal Magistrate Lucas Onyina indicated that the charges against the suspect will be held in abeyance.

    A judge's gavel

    The abeyance order implies that the case is under temporary suspension or rather it is placed on hold.

    According to the judge, the placement of the matter in abeyance does not affect the cases against the other suspects, which will proceed.

    Magistrate Onyina, however, indicated that a warrant for the arrest of the suspect was still in effect.

    In the event that the suspect is arrested or he presents himself in court, appropriate orders will be issued.

    Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Mercy Gateru, nonetheless implored the court to continue with the case against the suspect.

    Gateru was of the opinion that the delay until an arrest of the suspect is made would pose as an act that is prejudicial to the other suspects.

    The other suspects in the trial include former NYS Director-General Richard Ndubai, former Youth Affairs Principal Secretary Lilian Mbogo Omollo, 28 other civil servants, and traders from three companies.

    Former Youth Affairs Principal Secretary Lilian Mbogo Omollo appearing in court earlier