Anne Waithera, 5 Relatives Sentenced to Hang for Killing Husband

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  • A woman, together with her five relatives, were on Tuesday, sentenced to hang for colluding to kill her husband.

    Anne Waithera reportedly hatched a plan to kill her husband David Macharia after he married a second wife.

    In 2004, Waithera, together with her son (Joseph Macharia), sister (Ruth Wanjiru) and three others, are said to have killed Macharia and dumped him 20km away from home.

    They also allegedly differed with the deceased over property.

    A hanging rope

    According to witnesses accounts, the deceased had a strained relationship with both his first wife and son after he married a second woman.

    In the heinous act, which happened in July 2004, Macharia had left early morning for his farm but never returned in the evening.

    His first wife, who was among those asked about his whereabouts, answered to the negative which prompted a further search by the police.

    One Joseph Kinyuru admitted that he had been hired to kill the deceased directing the police to Kamae Forest in Kiambu County where his body was found.

    In a 2016 ruling, Justice Florence Muchemi found the perpetrators guilty of the charge labelled against them based on the manner in which he had been killed and his body disposed of.

    "The actual killing of the deceased using a panga followed the meetings. The throat of the deceased was cut in a transverse manner cutting off all the main blood vessels. This serious injury would not have been inflicted with any other intention but to kill the deceased," ruled Justice Muchemi.

    Women in a Kenyan Prison.