Family of Ex-Garissa CEC Idris Mukhtar Turns Bedroom Into ICU

  • Former Garissa Governor Nathif Jama (left) and CEC Idris Mukhtar The Star
  • Former Garissa CEC, Idris Mukhtar, is still in a coma with a bullet in his head, after he was shot by a lone gunman outside a mosque in Kileleshwa, Nairobi on August 19, 2018.

    Mukhtar spent over a month in the Intensive Care Unit at a city hospital. Afterwards, he was taken to India with the hope that doctors would remove the bullet from his head.

    According to The Standard, Indian doctors stated removing the bullet would be fatal. Therefore, the family returned him to Kenya after spending 52 days  abroad.

    Idris Mukhtar with his mother and father at a room in their house

    The family had used up all their finances and unable to keep him in a hospital due to the high charges, hence, decided to set aside a room for him at home.

    The family hopes that one day he will wake up from his coma and be as energetic as he used to.

    “We have employed two nurses, one during the day and one at night, a neurosurgeon and a physiotherapist,” Mukhtar’s father, Aden Mukhar stated.

    The family revealed it had spent Kshs8 million on transport and a lot more on medical fees.

    Aden, his father, even quit his job as a teacher to take care of his son.

    “My wife and I promise to chain ourselves if there is no progress on the case in one month. I will also write to all independent constitutional commissions that are concerned with this case,” he stated.

    The motive of the shooting is yet to be established but a family spokesman said Idris had received death threats before the incident.

    Two people, Juliet Charity Njoki and Mohamud Hussein Aden are in court over the shooting of Mukhtar.

    Syspects in the shooting of former Garissa CEC