Kenyan Tricks Indian Police by Hiding in Ship to Avoid Arrest

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  • A Kenyan, Juma Mohammed Vwik, was found hiding mid-sea in a ship by the crew that was headed to Munra, the largest private port in India.

    According to an online Indian newspaper, officials tried to get him off at other ports before the ship docked at Munra, but were not allowed.

    “We cannot allow him off the ship as he is still considered to be in Kenya when inside the vessel,” a senior official stated.

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    When asked by police officials, Mohammed claimed he sneaked into the ship without the knowledge of the crew or officials.

    “On arrival at Mundra port in Kutch, the ship’s crew informed the Indian Coast Guard who in turn informed us about the stowaway,” stated a senior police official.

    “He seems to be a worker. We found a Kenyan shore pass on him,” he added.

    A police official by the name D.B Vaghela stated they had informed the Kenyan embassy and would soon deport him.

    “Nothing has been found on him. However, after joint interrogation by state, central security and intelligence officials, we have initiated the deportation process,” Vaghela added.

    An official also stated they were in contact with their Kenyan counterparts to check whether he is involved in any form of crime.

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