Kenyatta Forced Uhuru to Join Sunday School After Embarrassing Him

  • Kenya's first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was a known lover of songs and dance, as told in a book; Miss Uhuru 1963: Working for Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, by former State House Social Secretary Elizabeth Madoka.

    She narrated that one time, Kenyatta hosted children who sang Christmas carols to his guests during holiday's celebrations at Nakuru State Lodge.

    Amused by the presentations, the first president asked his children to perform some songs for the guests. 

    To the disappointment of Kenyatta, Nyokabi, Uhuru and Muhoho (Mzee Kenyatta's children) could not sing any Christmas carols but the situation was salvaged by Kenyatta's cousin; Ngengi Muigai's children. 

    The embarrassment forced Mzee to enroll Uhuru and his siblings at All Saints Cathedral for Sunday school to learn the songs. 

    After some time, Mama Ngina’s brother, George Muhoho, who was a Catholic priest at the time, convinced the first family to enroll the children in Catholic schools.

    Mzee's love for children performances can also be traced back to a time when he bought pupils shoes after they danced for him. 

    As the children embarked in a mass choir to entertain the president, the young Uhuru rushed to the dais, whispered to his father, and immediately he removed his shoes and joined the choir. 

    Later, the former president ordered one of the security officers attached to him to take the pupils for shopping to the nearest Bata shop where each got a pair of shoes.

    The officer, Mugo Karuga, told journalists that had Uhuru not done what he did, perhaps his father would not have noticed or seen the need to have the children fitted with shoes.