Student Arrested After Causing Terror Scare in Nyeri

  • Nyeri County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia File
  • Nyeri County Commissioner, Fredrick Shisia, on Friday indicated that a student from Nyeri Polytechnic was arrested near Dedan Kimathi University on suspicion of wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest.

    Local residents alerted the police after spotting the young student donned in a peculiar gadget on his upper body.

    "The suspect had gadgets that appeared to be explosives on his body from the waist up," Shisia revealed.

    The Commissioner also added that upon receiving the tip-off, the response from the security officers was swift and that the bomb squad was looped in on the emergency call as well.

    Image of abdominal toning belts

    It was the bomb squad who actually came to the conclusion that the suspect was wearing a harmless gadget which has since been confirmed to be a body toner.

    Shisia went on to explain that the student's arrest was due to the heightened state of security within the country following recent attacks in the capital, Nairobi.

    The incident comes barely a month since a similar terror scare in Nanyuki, Laikipia when police officers discovered 150 dummy bombs in a warehouse following a public tip-off. 

    During that particular incident, ballistic tests carried out by bomb experts confirmed the 150 pieces of metals were dummy bombs used by the British Army during their training in 2010, under the custody of a scrap metal dealer.  

    A similar false alarm was raised a few weeks ago in Nairobi where business on the busy Latema Road came to a standstill over the presence of a tin sheet box that was left unattended on the curb of the road.

    Image from terror scare near Odeon Cinema over tin sheet box left unattended

    Citizens and security forces have been in a heightened state of security following the 14 Riverside attack in January, that left 21 people dead and several injured