Fourth Lover in Mary Wambui's Husband's Life Emerges

  • Another woman, Grace Wangari, has emerged claiming that she had an affair with slain Mary Wambui's husband, Joseph Kori Karue, and that she even has a child to prove it.

    According to her account, the two met in 2007 while she worked at a restaurant and that he was a frequent patron to the joint that was located at Nairobi-Meru Stage in Nakuru.

    "It was Kenyatta day when he first walked into the restaurant, He was cool, smartly dressed and minding his own business," she started.

    Grace Wangari who claimed she had an affair with Joseph Kori.

    She was 20 at the time and developed a habit of serving the customer's table where they increasingly made small talk and a year later, they had a son.

    Fast forward to 2012, all hell broke loose. Wangari narrates that Kori started making excuses claiming that he could not cater for her and her son. That was the last time they communicated.

    At the time, Kori had just moved from Nairobi to Nakuru, he did not have a job and so she understood his predicament.

    The original deal had been that the man, who was trying his hand in business, would take in Wangari and the son after the business thrived but then he blocked her.

    Wangari did not know that he had a wife all along.

    The next time Wangari saw the dead beat dad was at a court three weeks ago during the trial of the murder of his wife Mary Wambui.

    "Before You laugh at me, please know that I was very young. I did not have the conscience to ask him if he had a wife or not," she defended herself.

    Wangari is the fourth woman to have had a fling with Kori after Judy Wangui, who is claimed to have killed the slain woman and another one, Grace Wanjiru, who emerged last week claiming that she was his first wife.

    Mary Wangari and Joseph Kori