Explosion Kills Man in Naivasha

  • A photo showing smoke billowing from an explosion scene Twitter
  • An explosion at Kinamba Quarry located off the Naivasha-Kirima road killed a man who was working on the site.

    The labourer died after an explosive he was setting up blew up on him. 

    “There was a loud bang and the deceased was cut into pieces and died on the spot due to the impact of the explosive,” narrated Jackson Mathenge, a fellow worker.

    Quarry workers on site.

    The police have moved the deceased's remains to the Naivasha Sub-county Hospital Mortuary. 

    His colleagues told authorities that they didn't know what triggered the explosion as it had been many years since a similar incident occurred. 

    Mathenge added that it was the norm to use explosives in the quarry to break down boulders that would be later turned into building stones.

    In a separate incident in Naivasha, another quarry worker was crushed to death by a boulder. 

    A 2018 report by the National Environmental Complaints Committee (NECC) stated that quarry workers often expose themselves to dangerous chemicals in the highly toxic environment.

    "Mercury is a very toxic chemical. The miners do this because they are unaware of the health risks they expose themselves to,” the report read. 

    The committee also accused mining companies of failure to rehabilitate the sites after exhausting its resources.

    Trucks transporting materials from a quarry.