Nairobi Chamber to Perform in Choral Music Event in US

  • The American Choral Music Association (ACDA) has invited the Nairobi Chamber Chorus, a Kenyan choir group, to perform in the associations’ 60th jubilee conference in Kansas City.

    It is the largest choral music event in America bringing in the very best from across the globe for the annual extravaganza.

    “Congratulations to you and your singers on your exemplary achievement,” read an excerpt of their invitation letter from Sara Lynn Baird, the Performing Choir Chair.

    Nairobi Chamber Chorus director, Ken Wakia, guided them on their way to becoming the first ever Kenyan group to perform on Broadway at the famed Lincoln Center back in 2018.

    Along with London's West End theatre, Broadway theatre is widely considered to represent the highest level of commercial theatre in the English-speaking world.

    The Kenyan choir didn’t disappoint and went on to belt out such polished melodies and tamed voices, engulfing the hall packed with nearly 400 black tie executives drawn for the US, Germany and the rest of the World.

    Wakia was nervously excited when speaking to He revealed that they are set to perform in front of 5000 musicians, a scenario that could explain the nerves, with musicians known to be highly critical.

    “We are honoured to receive this invitation to be part of the largest choral music event in America and we thank our fans and supporters for the continued journey we are walking together,” he stated while speaking to The Standard.

    The 23 member choir has been going through the paces at Weal House, off Bishop road, as they wait to embark on their musical journey on Thursday.

    Songs set to be performed during the festival include; Kingli arranged by Stacy Gibbs, Ii Nyumba ya Mwari Witu by Mike Brewer and Ken Wakia, Safari ya Bamba by Ken Wakia, Kokoliko arranged by Henry Wanjala, Epolo Wanamoramora by Joy Harper, Sigalagala arranged by Sam Otieno and Musa by Ochieng’ Mak’Okeyo.

    The performances will be staged at the Muriel Kauffmann Center for the performing arts, a theatre honoured as one of the world’s 15 most beautiful concert halls.