Killers Torment Family With Calls Using Dead Mother’s Phone Number

  • Relatives have been getting phone calls from a dead mother's phone YouTube
  • Suspects alleged to have killed two relatives on February 13, 2019, in Salgaa, Nakuru have been tormenting the family using mobile phones they stole in the attack.

    The family spokesman, Evans Kibet, cited the suspects, who killed and defiled a 10-year-old girl, were subjecting the family to mental torture.

    “When relatives call back, the suspects hang up or switch off the devices,” the spokesman stated.

    The murder suspects stole the dead mother's phone

    Kibet added the suspects were also calling other people on the contact list of the dead kin.

    “It is tormenting to receive a call from someone you know is dead and the person making the calls remains mute,” Kibet stated.

    He added that the attackers forced the 10-year old girl to give them passwords to the phone.

    “The girl was in gruesome shock after she witnessed the gruesome murder of her mother and grandfather and later being defiled,” the spokesman added.

    According to The Standard, the dead woman separated with her husband six years ago and had gone back to live with her father.

    Kibet stated the family was not aware of anyone who could have intentions of harming them.

    The two were killed in Salgaa, Nakuru on February 13, 2019

    Senior investigations officers assured they were working with a mobile phone service provider to track the suspects.