Police Officer in Mandera Prison Break Saga Charged

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  • Police officer Richard Githaka Karanja was on Wednesday charged in court with robbery with violence and unlawful escape from police custody by state prosecutor Allen Mulama.

    Githaka is accused of robbing two guards, Dakane Abdille Abdi and Salat Osman Jelle armed with rifles and other dangerous weapons on December 8, 2018, at a petrol station in Mandera town.

    Together with others, he allegedly robbed the men of Ksh 729,000, which was the property of Muhudin Yussuf.

    Richard Githaka at Mandera Law Courts

    On the other account on December 13, 2018, Githaka and others are accused of robbing Jelle, stealing Ksh 5000 and killing Abdi in the process.

    The prosecution requested for postponement of the case that was scheduled for hearing Wednesday citing the need for a briefing with new witnesses.

    Mandera Senior Magistrate Peter Arera allowed the application but warned against engaging in sideshows.

    Githaka was rescued by fellow colleagues on December 2018 after he was arrested during an operation by a police unit, during a lineup for identification after the AP officers were accused of stealing from the petrol station.

    The court termed this as an unlawful escape from police custody, naming it as another account that Githaka is being charged with.

    He, however, denied the charges and was released on a Ksh 2 million bond, effective after all key witnesses testify.

    The hearing will commence on February 21, 2019.

    Richard Githaka's Case is being Heard at Mandera Law Courts