Uproar As CJ Maraga Receives Uhuru During Kisii Tour

  • President Uhuru greets DP Ruto as Raila Odinga and CJ David Maraga look on in Kisii on 20/2/2019. Twitter
  • A section of Kenyans expressed their anger on Wednesday after Chief Justice David Maraga welcomed President Uhuru Kenyatta in Kisii.

    The Chief Justice accompanied other politicians and was third in line after Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga to welcome the president.

    Kenyans took to Twitter to express their anger on the issue.

    President Uhuru arrives in Kisii

    “So Chief Justice Maraga has accompanied Kenyatta on his trip to Kisii County and you wonder why we have weak institutions,” stated one user.

    “This is extremely irresponsible of Chief Justice David Maraga. A new low,” stated Nkaate a politician.

    City lawyer Nelson Havi also chimed in criticising CJ’s decision to welcome the Head of State.

    “It is going to be difficult for CJ David Maraga to extricate himself from the public perception that he has been taken hostage by the Executive or has willingly joined it. A CJ cannot be doing this. Not under the constitution of Kenya, 2010, ”Havi expressed.

    During the visit, the president launched medical infrastructure and equipment at the Kisii Technical Referal Hospital.

    The president presided over the ceremony of the ksh2.25 Billion Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment center which will be funded by Arab Bank for economic development in Africa and the Saudi Fund for development.

    "My Administration also continues to improve the country's security to safeguard our people and to ensure our development agenda remains on course. There cannot be development and economic growth without improved and proper security measures," he stated.

    Chief Justice David Maraga attending an event in Kisii