Otiende Amollo's Shirt Stirs Up Debate in Parliament

  • Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo during the parliamentary session on 20/2/2019. YouTube
  • Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo caused a stir in parliament on Wednesday when his dress code became the topic of discussion during the afternoon session.

    Raising an issue to the Speaker, Kisumu West MP Olago Aluoch noted that the MP was wearing a shirt without collar and a tie.

    Alouch referred to a previous incident where he was rushing from the High Court and had no time to change from the gown, flaps and wig into the formal dressing.

    Kisumu West MP Olago Aluoch

    "I was told I was not properly dressed. Otiende seems to be creating a custom wearing a collarless shirt without a tie. Is this proper dressing for the house," he stated.

    In his defence, the Rarieda MP argued that the mandarin shirt he was wearing met the conditions issued in the House Standing orders and the Speaker's rules.

    "Seasoned members are allowed to walk in with mandarin collar suits without ties. This is because it is a collar and it covers up to the neck.

    "I have looked at the Standing orders. Whatever you are wearing must cover upto your neck. You can wear a collar or a tie," he stated pointing at Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir who was wearing a collar without a tie.

    Chiming in on the matter, Minority leader John Mbadi urged the speaker to rule on the matter as it was a major issue in the 12th Parliament.

    "I don't agree with Otiende that you can have a collar as a substitute for a tie, because I don't know what kind of a House we would be if we all decide to wear T-shirts that cover our necks without ties.

    "Otiende should be ruled out of order found to be improperly dressed. He should just accept to wear the tie being that he is in the House and not in his constituency. Not all of us like to wear suits with ties but we have respect for the house," he stated.

    Minority leader John Mbadi during a parliamentary session on 20/2/2019.

    Majority leader Aden Duale argued that MPs must protect the integrity of the house.

    "We borrow from the House of Commons. We must observe the rule. This is your designer clothes, leave them outside," he stated.

    House Speaker Justin Muturi read out the rules that direct members to wear a collared shirt with a tie, long sleeved shirt, socks and shoes or service uniform, and business formal dressing for women.

    Otiende Amollo with his trademark mandarin shirt during a previous event with ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna.

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