Joseph Kori Freed From Police Custody

  • Police, on Thursday evening, released Joseph Kori, the man held as a key suspect in the murder of his wife Mary Wambui.

    Reports indicate that he was freed after investigations into the murder failed to find credible evidence linking him to the heinous crime.

    Kori, who was initially identified as a key suspect, in his alibi, claimed to have last talked to his late wife at 4 pm on the day she was killed.

    The suspect went on to claim he hang up the phone as soon as his wife revealed that she was in the company of Judy Wangui (his mistress), as he didn’t want to add fuel to what was setting up to be a fiery day for him.

    He went on to state that he was in Ngong during the estimated time of the murder that is reported to have taken place in Wangui ‘s Fourways junction apartment off Kiambu road.

    This corroborated an earlier statement by the police which affirmed that based on car-tracking software, the suspect was in Ngong at 9 pm and was never at Fourways Junction.

    His alibi regarding his physical whereabouts at the time of the murder was also verified by various witnesses, thus making it hard for the police to link him to the mysterious murder.

    DCIO at the Juja Police Station, Obed Kiio, had in an earlier statement also confirmed that data obtained from Safaricom indicated that Kori was nowhere near the scene of the crime.

    However, the officer went on to reveal that they had not ruled out the possibility of both his phone and car being used by an unknown third party to create a full proof alibi for the murder suspect.

    Wambui’s postmortem revealed that she was hit with a blunt object before being choked out.

    Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate, Stella Atambo had on January 30, 2019, allowed the police to hold both Kori and Wangui for two weeks as they carried out their investigations.

    Michael Mathenge, the tour company operator who is believed to have been hired by Kori’s mistress to help dump Wambui’s body remains key to piecing the puzzle.

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