7 Fraudsters Arrested in Nairobi Posing as Uhuru

  • Seven fraudsters were arrested after conning Sameer Business Group Ksh10 Million while posing as President Uhuru Kenyatta, promising the company that they would allocate them government tenders.

    Joseph Waswa, Duncan Muchai, Isaac Wajekeche, William Simiyu, David Luganya, Gilbert Kirunja and Anthony Wafula’s scheme was brought to light after Sameer Group wrote to State House seeking an audience with the president over a tender deal.

    State House officials contacted the Group inquiring on the deal between them and the purported president.

    When the matter was reported to the police, the seven were arrested and officers from the DCI headquarters opened further investigations into the matter.

    Police impounded three high-end vehicles that included Toyota Land Cruisers and V8's that the conmen used in their operations.

    The seven would pose as State House officials and offer tenders to innocent businessmen, requesting for the money necessary for logistical support.

    The caller would imitate Uhuru since they had perfected the art of mimicking his voice and convince the businessman about the tenders they ought to take up.

    He would then promise to send some State House officials and other staff from the Interior ministry to the victim’s office to collect the facilitation cash as reported by The Star.

    Men dressed in expensive suits would arrive in the office of the targeted victim and introduce themselves as the staff of State House sent by the President to collect cash.

    The “State House Officials” would arrive in high-end vehicles and with a police escort, collect the cash and disappear while under tight security and police escort.