Live Grenade Recovered Along Thika Road, 5 Arrested

Police, on Monday, seized a live grenade which five unknown men had thrown at them along Thika Road.

According to reports, the incident occurred at Drive-In area when the police intercepted three motorcycles on which the suspects were using.

They were in a gang of nine people, "One of them threw a hand grenade at the officers and ran towards Mathare direction,” the Nation reported.

The five have been identified as Kevin Opiyo Onyango (24), Marcus Odhiambo (30), Moses Okiri Nyarianga (21), Collins Juma Oduor (19), and Samwel Wanyoike Njeri (19).

No officer was injured as the grenade did not detonate.

Additional reports by the Star indicate that the suspects were robbing an M-Pesa shop when the police pounced on them.

According to Capital FM News the robbery took place at Huruma estate, “The gang had stolen an unknown amount of money from the shop and was escaping when they bumped into police officers on patrol but declined to stop, and instead raced off on motorcycles,"

"It was reported by Muthaiga 7 spiv that they were at Mathare 29/30 terminus when three motorcycles each with three occupants passed in high speed heading towards Thika road. they gave chase using a motorcycle and intercepted them at Drive-in stage,” the news site quoted a police report. 

They were arrested and are were in court on Tuesday.

Security agencies have been on high alert in a bid to thwart terror attacks before they occur.

On Tuesday, GSU officers foiled an Al Shabaab attack at Dabacity camp in Mandera County.

Earlier on, a suspect Mohammed Nurrow Mohammed was arrested in connection with a grenade attack that occurred along Latema Street in Nairobi on January 26, 2019.

Mohammed was later arraigned on Monday under a miscellaneous application where the police were granted three more days to detain him till investigations are completed.

“Intelligence reports show that he has other associates who assisted him in planning and executing the explosion,” the court heard.

The Director of Criminal Investigations had earlier released CCTV footage of a man believed to have aided the explosion.

The detectives appealed to the public to submit any information that would aid identify the man in the clip.

In the grainy footage, a man dressed in a black tracksuit and sandals was seen walking along the street with a carton in one hand.

The incident occurred in January when an Improvised Explosive Device went off shortly after 7pm outside Odeon Cinema injuring two people.

The Nairobi Regional Police Commander, Phillip Ndolo, stated the suspected attacker had hired a cart to carry a small box from Latema Road to Kenya cinema.


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