10 Fun Tips and Hacks to Upgrade Your WhatsApp Experience

  • WhatsApp is arguably the biggest social sharing platform on the planet today.

    It provides myriad services from instant communication between parties across oceans to video sharing capabilities and mind-boggling ways of expressing emotions, more than a regular face can.

    But lo and behold, what you do on the platform is nowhere close to the possibilities the platform has enabled with an aim of making your life easier.

    Kenyans.co.ke has, therefore, compiled 10 easy tips and hacks you can apply to upgrade your experience on WhatsApp.

    10. How to Bolden, Italicisize and Strike Through in Whatsapp

    Ever tried to make a point in a heavily worded text but simply missed to capture the other person's attention? Well, now you can.

    For boldening, first apply the star symbol *, then write the word or phrase and close with the star symbol *. It will automatically appear bold.

    If you want to italicize, apply this underscore symbol _, then write the word or phrase to be italicised and close with the underscore symbol _. It will automatically appear italicised.

    For striking through text, first apply this wavy line symbol ~, then write the word or phrase you want to strike through and close with the wavy line symbol ~. It will automatically appear with a strike through.

    9. How to Video Call multiple people at the same time

    To execute the group call, first identify one of the people you want to talk to and then initiate a video call from icons adjacent to the person's name at the bar at the top.

    Once the call has been initiated, it will appear full screen but at the top right corner of the screen appears a person with a plus next to it, click on it.

    It will then bring your WhatsApp contact list where you can choose the next person to join your call. 

    The video call feature can only accommodate up to four people.

    8. How to share location on WhatsApp

    If you ever wondered how you can prove to your dear ones that you are at an exact location, worry no more.

    To share your location, just open the chat of the person you want to share it with and click on the attach icon at the bottom.

    Then click on the location option which will reveal two options; you can share a current location or a live location.

    In the live location option, you can either share with the individual your location for 15 minutes, one hour or eight hours.

    Once the location has been shared, you can stop by simply clicking on the "stop sharing" option.

    7. How to edit and filter pictures on WhatsApp

    Thought that only the hip kids of Instagram could edit and filter picture instantly before sharing? Wrong. You can do it too on WhatsApp or pretty much any other social platform.

    To do that, open the chat of a person with whom you want to share the picture with and then click on the attach icon.

    You can then either choose the camera icon to take a picture or upload from the already existing ones in the gallery.

    At the top corner of the screen are photo editing tools including a drawing tool, another for stickers, one for inserting texts and a crop tool.

    At the bottom of the screen is an arrow that when you swipe upwards, reveals a number of cool filters that you can use to enhance your image.

    Use the editing features to customise an image such as circling its focal point using the drawing tool so that the recipient can understand.

    6. How to access your WhatsApp on desktop

    First, visit WhatsApp site on your computer and proceed to the WhatsApp Web section, a QR code will appear on your screen.

    Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and while at the home page, click on three dots at the right corner (also known as Menu).

    Once there, click on the "Whatsapp Web" option then scan the QR code on your desktop screen. Your WhatsApp will automatically appear on the PC.

    You must, however, keep your mobile phone data active for as long as you will use the desktop version.

    5. How to add Chat shortcut to your homescreen

    In everyone's life, there is that one person that stands out from the rest and on WhatsApp, you can now distinguish the good from the chaff by having them on your home screen.

    To do that, open WhatsApp and proceed to the chat whose shortcut you want to include on your home screen.

    At the top right corner, click on the three dots (also known as menu) and at the bottom of the drop-down, click on more option.

    Another drop down will appear. Choose "Add Shortcut." A homescreen icon for that specific chat will be created.

    4. How to Create WhatsApp Stories

    If you have ever been stuck while trying to create WhatsApp stories to share with friends, do not despair.

    Just open your WhatsApp, at the top alongside the Chats column is Status and then Calls. 

    Select status then click on My Status. The story can be a text, picture or video.

    3. How to pin Chats on WhatsApp

    Creating many shortcuts to your WhatsApp chats can fill the device's home screen. You can, however, de-clutter it and simply pin important chats.

    To pin a chat, Open WhatsApp and long-press on a chat you want to pin.

    At the top, you will see a pin-like tool. Click on it and your chat will be pinned.

    The chats will always appear at the top regardless of whether they contain a recent message.

    To unpin, just long-press on the pin chat and click on the pin-like tool with a cross on it.

    2. How to star important Messages on WhatsApp

    It is often hectic trying to access a crucial message from a WhatsApp chat or group which was posted a while ago or the chat is generally very active.

    It is, however, simpler staring the message which will be automatically saved in a pool you can access easily.

    Once you identify a message you want to star, long-press on it to highlight.

    Then click on a star at the top of the screen and the message will be automatically saved.

    To access the message, click on the name of the chat at the top to reveal profile and then select starred messages. All messages you have ever starred from the chat will appear.

    To remove it from the star folder, just long-press and then click on the star tool at the top.

    1. How to use Gifs on WhatsApp Chats

    If you feel belittled whenever someone in your group or chats uses timely gifs to a point they are considered the smartest, you are about to beat them.

    To use gifs, select the chat and click to reply then choose emoji option.

    At the bottom, select GIF tool and they will appear.

    To search for the appropriate one, select the search tool at the bottom left corner and insert the search option.

    Do you have any interesting tips and hacks to enjoy WhatsApp, tell us in the comment section below.