Governor Ferdinand Waititu Launches 11 Ambitious Projects in 3 Days

Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu, on Monday, commenced the launch of 11 projects in just three days.

Confirming the drive, a representative from his office, George Kagotho, revealed that the Governor launched four projects on Monday with the others expected to be carried out in the two days that followed.

"This morning I began the Commissioning of a series of infrastructure development projects in the 6 Municipalities in Kiambu County.

On Monday, he launched four projects among them commissioning; a construction of storm water drainage at Landless in Kamenu Ward, Thika, the construction of Mugo- Kibiru road (2.1km) in Section 9, Thika and the installation of integrated solar street lights (140 street lights and 11 floodlights) and high masts in Juja.

The other projects commissioned include the construction of Kihunguro Full Gospel Access road which will be furnished with culverts and a drainage system.

On Wednesday, Waititu will spearhead the launch of proposed improvement of water drainage system in Kikuyu, the upgrade of the proposed Kiambaa road to tarmac standards in Limuru and the tarmacking of road network in Gikuni Shopping Center, Kikuyu Municipality.

The other projects set for launch include the tarmacking of Wambaa-Wamakima road in Kikuyu municipality, the upgrading of Kiambu bypass to tarmac standards and Kiambu bus park both in Kiambu Municipality. 

On Tuesday, the Governor was also expected to launch the construction of Karuri fire station and the upgrade of Wanjiku-Kingongo road in Karuri municipality.

The Governor further revealed that his county was the largest beneficiary of a grant from the World Bank receiving Ksh1.8 Billion for six years.

"Did you know that Kiambu County Government is the largest beneficiary of the Urban Development Grant (UDG) by World Bank, receiving Ksh1.89 billion annually for 6 years beginning FY 2018/2019 to 2023/2024?" posted Waititu.

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