Chinese Media Post on Kenyan Elephant Stirs the Internet

  • A media post by a Chinese outlet on a Kenyan elephant has stirred the internet drawing hilarious reactions and genuine concerns from the netizens.

    China Daily posted several photo's captioned "A rare mammoth-like Queen of the elephants shows off her 2-meter-long tusks in a national park in Kenya".

    The photos showed a tusker with her calf at a watering hole and while grazing on Kenyan savannah.

    The fact that China is the largest market for the illegal trade in ivory, however, raised suspicion on the Chinese admiration of the splendid tusks.

    For instance, on February 19, 2019, Yang Fenglan, a Chinese businesswoman nicknamed the "Ivory Queen" was sentenced to 15 years in prison by a Tanzanian Court for smuggling 860 elephant tusks.

    Reading malice in the post, a tweep @_Marsha_k stated, "This is like Judas kissing Jesus to identify him to the soldiers who were to capture him".

    "I’m uncomfortable with a Chinese account posting this because you can’t be sure whether it’s genuine admiration or a tusk advert," @iz_ben posted.

    "Sounds more like an auction. Ama inaweza kuwa pia TBT (Or the elephant could be poached already)," another netizen opined.

    "Pretty sure I ain't the only one who sees this as an ad to ivory hungry Chinese... Like... Yo', it is out there in Kenya.. And it is 2 meters long," David Collins Kirui ‏stated.

    "Yoh Chinese we don't like where you're coming from with this one. We all know you're the biggest threat to these beauties. #HandsOffOurElephants," @spekejnr quipped.

    One Sarah Kiboi indicated,‏ "I hate seeing stuff like this posted up, incl. the black leopard. Yes these animals exist. We are aware. They're like a bigger version of the Big 5. But they don't make headline news because somewhere in the back of our minds we know that that's a death sentence".

    "Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Your work is cut out... she's been marked I see... some people salivating at those tusks," @ArchMoeG raised alarm.

    "I am uncomfortable with the Chinese picking up this story. Yikes!!! The elephant was safe until now," yet another netizen indicated.

    "I sense some mischief in this tweep!!! I got a feeling that Chinese poachers are salivating on this images. We are watching you," another expressed.

    "Give it a few months. Some Chinese poacher will kill it for the Ivory. Are you showing the Chinese poachers how long Kenyans elephant tusks are to enable them come for more?" a concerned netizen posed.

    Below are more reactions to the post by China Daily.