What to Do When You Meet the Python at Karura - Former Forest Boss

  • Kenyans who use Karura Forest to jog, bike and have picnics should not panic in case they sight a python according to Friends of Karura Forest.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, their former chair, Karanja Njoroge stated it is rare for a python to attack unless it is provoked.

    "In case you see one, stop, let it slither away and then continue walking," he noted.

    The former chair stated that a python had not been sighted in a long time at Karura forest showing how infrequent and shy they are.

    "I have spotted the python once in my 10 years in the community, and that was yesterday," he continued.

    On Facebook, the Friends of Karura wrote that if visitors stay on Karura's designated trails and don't wonder off-trail along the rivers), the few snakes will sense presence through vibrations in their bellies and get quickly out of the way.

    Friends of Karura Forest is a Community Forest Association is comprised of volunteer professional Kenyans and residents committed to environmental protection and sustainable use of Kenya's natural resources.

    This follows viral photos doing rounds on social media of a python spotted on the walkways of the famous forest.

    The photos taken by a visitor of Karura forest caused a stir on Twitter.

    "Pythons are usually in groups. Deeper or somewhere you’ll find a group of young ones, eggs etc. Good luck in your morning jogging and rides during hot weather," stated a Twitter user by the name Gichy.

    "A python at Karura Forest is like the scariest thing ever. In Nairobi, we see these kinds of snakes at National Museum Snake Park. I like this place but unless @kwskenya gets it out, it's officially a no-go-zone," Sir John tweeted. 

    On calling Paul Udoto, KWS Spokesperson, he stated that Karura forest management would be the best to advise on the matter as Kenya Wildlife Service did not co-manage the facility.