DP Ruto Stirs Kenyans with Sharp Criticism of Raila Over Aisha Expulsion

  • DP Ruto addressing the public Twitter
  • In a surprising turn of events, DP William Ruto on Friday came out to seemingly criticize the leadership of opposition party ODM under Raila Odinga for undervaluing women as witnessed by the expulsion of MP Aisha Jumwa.

    The Deputy President posted a tweet, which was the first time he publicly spoke on the subject matter of Aisha’s expulsion on his official communication channels.

    Ruto did not only express displeasure with his political opponents but also a strong criticism that touched on their leadership qualities in relation to the importance of gender and equality.

    The tweet that was understood to be directed towards the opposition chief accused the leader of being characterised by doublespeak, double standards, and hypocrisy.

    The ODM Party, through its National Governing Council, officially expelled MP Jumwa on March 1 citing her close association and support for Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid as reasons.

    The party, however, pardoned Msambweni's Suleiman Dori citing that he had shown the effort of apologizing for his actions that were similar to those of Aisha.

    On Wednesday, however, Raila softened the hard stance of the party by indicating Jumwa may as well be accepted back into the party if she apologized for her actions.

    Ruto’s message comes soon after the Malindi MP rejected the offer by the party leader.

    As such, the move by the DP may serve to harden the position of Jumwa in rebelling against the ODM party even as she continues to enjoy the stay order offered against the party’s decision to kick her out.

    The tweet by the DP also adds fuel to the ongoing battle between the two leaders which started with remarks of the multi-billion corruption scandal of dams construction facing the country.

    DP Ruto has since branded the former premier as "The lord of poverty, master of deceit and a conman" after he accused him of swindling public funds in billions of shillings.

    Opposition leader Raila Odinga