Alfred Mutua's Executive Order for Universal Healthcare

  • Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua is well known for being at the forefront of initiating new management programs for the improvement of his county. He issued an executive order on Friday giving details of the universal healthcare plan implementation.

    In the order, the governor listed 12 crucial reforms to be implemented for the achievement of the free healthcare plan for the county’s residents.

    The governor is confident that the changes that will be brought by implementation of his order will go a long way to “enhance efficient delivery of universal, free, timely and quality health services" in addition to eliminating trends of corruption and unethical conduct in the healthcare sector of Machakos.

    The following are the directives offered by the governor;

    1. "All Machakos County health staff across all ranks who have stayed in one work station for more than three (3) years be immediately reshuffled.  I’m aware some have stayed in one station for close to 10 years leading to lethargy and unethical conduct.

    2. "Persons who either worked as casuals or contracted staff in our health facilities and whose terms of engagement expired, to immediately leave the facilities.

    "We don’t understand why someone would insist to stay in our facilities when they are not on payroll unless they are beneficiaries or conduits for corruption.

    3.  "A head count of all Machakos health workers be conducted per facility to weed out persons who do not show up on duty.  Any connivance will be punished.

    4. " I will invite the relevant government agencies to team up with us to investigate theft of medicine, possible existence of ghost workers, negligence/dereliction of duty by some staff who only make technical appearances and spend most of their time in private clinics, possible sabotage of public services so as to refer patients to private clinics, etc.

    5. "Immediate recruitment of medical specialists including surgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, oncologists, etc to handle specialized cases.

    6. "A duly functioning Cancer Diagnostic Center to open at Machakos Level 5 Hospital by April 30th, 2019.

    7. "Streamlining and optimization of operations at the Level 5 HDU and ICU including additional beds to embark at once.

    8. "Immediate refurbishment of Mwala, Kangundo, Kathiani & Matuu Level 4 hospitals to ensure optimal service including new operation theatre & dental services.

    9. "Recruitment of a CEO for Machakos Level 5 & Hospital Managers for each of the Level 4s to streamline management & ensure Wananchi responsive delivery culture.

    10. "Modernize patient hospitality, laundry, accommodation (bed) & catering services to international standards.

    11. " Immediate provision of call rooms, staff rest lounges, doctors’ rooms etc to improve the general work environment of health professionals.

    12. "All health centres to work 24 hours, 7 days a week & dispensaries to open over weekends with clear staff clock in/out roasters."

    The governor also went ahead to make changes of appointments in his government as indicated below;

    i. Appointment of Hon. Dr. Duku Mutua as Minister for Tourism, Sports and Culture

    ii. Nomination for vetting of Hon. Dr. Ancent Kituku Nzyoka as Minister for Health and Emergency services

    iii. Chief Officer appointment of Dr. Jacks Nthanga- Office of County Secretary 

    iv. Chief Officer appointment of Joel Paul Mwova - Ag. Medical Services

    v. Chief Officer appointment of Victor Mwalakha Minuafu- Ag. Tourism