Former Street Boy Patrick Hinga Dies

Former street boy Patrick Hinga whose transformation went viral after he was rescued by a former schoolmate Wanja Mwaura died on Sunday.

Mwaura took to social media on Sunday evening to confirm the news.

“With deep sorrow, I want to inform you that Hinga has rested. He passed on this morning (Sunday, March 17). I do not have the strength to say much right now. Rest in peace, my friend,” her Facebook post read.

In October 2017, Mwaura, a nurse, spotted an emaciated Hinga in lower Kabete and immediately recognized him as a schoolmate and friend from her primary school days.

She took it upon herself to get help for Hinga who was struggling with drug addiction.

Her efforts seemed to bear fruit as Hinga became healthy again and was able to confidently converse with people.

Kenyans were amazed by her commitment as she launched an appeal that saw Hinga undergo a rehabilitation programme at the Chiromo Medical Lane Centre.

He successfully completed the programme in May 2018 and the hospital waived a Ksh149,000 bill.

In August 2018, however, it is reported that Hinga had a relapse and was spotted at Wangige Market in Kabete where a few people tried to reach out to him, including her former classmate.

"It's not an easy fight. Thank you for all your support and let's not judge him harshly for his relapse. Drug addiction is a disease and relapse is a part of the process. Let's pray for him .. We did our part as the society," Mwaura's facebook post read.

It is reported that Hinga could have died as a result of a persistent stomach-ache.

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