KNH Turning Patients Away Because of Financial Crisis

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  • Serious concerns over an alleged financial crisis facing Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) were raised on Wednesday when the hospital’s staffers met MPs.

    They divulged that the financial crunch was taking a toll on patients who have been missing out on crucial healthcare services while hundreds of others are turned away.

    The staffers were also quick to indicate that they were highly unmotivated since they are on the receiving end of delayed salaries and unpaid allowances.

    In the meeting, it was further revealed that some of the hospital’s suppliers of both medical and food products had stopped supplying the vital needs required for normal operation of the health facility because of debts.

    The administration block at KNH

    Some suppliers are said to be in contention with the hospital’s management over bills dating back to October 2018.

    Further reports also indicate that patients visiting the hospitals with valid National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cards are asked to purchase drugs from private chemists.

    The financial crisis is mostly attributed to NHIF failing to pay Ksh800 Million it owes the hospital.

    The prison service is also said to owe the referral hospital around Ksh200 Million.

    KNH staff also indicated that there is a management crisis at the hospital that has led to a situation where it plans to hire nurses on a contract basis instead of full-time employment. Five doctors and a number of casual workers were also dismissed in January.

    Speaking in the three-hour meeting with the staffers on Wednesday, Parliament’s Health Committee Chair Sabina Chege stated, “We will also engage management to end this problem.”

    Some senior staff also claimed that it was quite unclear who the acting CEO of the national hospital was between Dr Irene Inwani and Dr Thomas Mutie as The Star reported.

    KNH management was yet to respond to inquiries on the subject matter by by the time of this publication.

    Patients in a ward at KNH