DPP to Use ‘Witchdoctor’ as Witness in Kilingili Murder Case

  • A man accused of engaging in wizardry acts or rituals of ‘cleansing’ 17 murder suspects has not only been freed but also asked to testify as a witness against the suspects by the office of the DPP.

    Omulindi Nono, 76, is reported to have performed the rituals on the suspected killers of the Kilingili watchmen suspects for purposes of warding off evil spirits before the crimes were committed.

    Five guards were murdered at the beginning of March at Kilingili market at the border of Vihiga and Kakamega.

    Reports had indicated that the elderly watchmen were targeted for elimination for some reasons known to the killers since they had been threatened before.

    The charges against Nono were dropped by the investigators and he was set free.

    He had been in police custody for six days. He was then taken in after being significantly mentioned by the suspects in the murder case.

    Nono also confessed that he had conducted the rituals on the individuals when he was questioned by the police.

    He, however, indicated that he had no knowledge of their mission of committing crimes of murder.

    The office of the DPP observed that Nono would serve well as a witness in the case.

    The DPP’s office did not, however, offer information on how Nono will be useful in the investigations and prosecution since he had been released for having no knowledge of the occurrence in the first place.

    Nono was also freed with seven other suspects after the detectives were confident there was no meaningful evidence linking them to the murders.

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