US Couple Probed by FBI Over Sexual Abuse on Kenyan Children

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  • The Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) has launched investigations on an American couple who run a children's home in Kenya over claims of abuse.

    Reports by Daily Nation indicate that Gregory Dow and his wife Mary Rose sexually assaulted children at a children's home they own in Boito, Bomet County.

    A source cited the FBI had already sent agents to Boito, Dallas and Lancaster, where the couple resides.

    Gregory Dow and his wife Mary Rose, who own a children's home in Bomet County

    A source who sought anonymity told Daily Nation that the investigations were at an advanced stage since the FBI had started probing soon after the issue was published on newspapers.

    Janice Jenkins, Dow's former wife claimed that their daughter had been abused by the ex-husband for more than two decades.

    “The law is finally catching up with them. We expect indictments soon,” she stated.

    Court records and personal accounts had also indicated that Dow engaged in sex with girls at the home.

    Mary Rose had earlier been found guilty of cruelty to children by a Sotik court, however, she had paid a Ksh 50,000 fine that had been imposed and left the country.

    During the time, the court heard that Ms Rose had implanted the girls in the home with birth control devices.

    A Kenyan living in Lancaster, Maggy Ruto expressed her disappointment with the ruling. 

    “It was absurd that she received VIP treatment during the court proceedings. Her mitigation, apparently, was that she was unwell. Who was thinking about the victims of sexual abuse?” She posed.

    The couple, who left Kenya in 2017, has been issued a warrant of arrest.

    Sotik Law Court in Bomet