Man in Court for Stealing Police OB and Call Register from a Police Station

  • An interesting turn of events happened in Bura Police Station in Tana River County when a man walked in and stole the police Occurrence Book (OB) and call register.

    The man identified as Simon Nyaga walked into the station allegedly to make a complaint but found no officers present at the time.

    Nyaga is said to have been filled with rage when he did not find an officer manning the desk at the station.

    The police termed his behavior as an act of self-righteous rage.

    He proceeded to travel to Hola town, nearly 50 kilometers away to make his complaints.

    He also ensured to accuse the police officers at the Bura Police Station of being lazy and not taking their jobs seriously.

    The officers at Hola Police Station became curious about the allegations made by Nyaga concerning their colleagues and the unmanned station.

    They proceeded to make inquiries into the matter and they soon discovered that Nyaga was the individual who had stole the missing items from the station.

    They filed a case that resulted in Nyaga appearing before Hola Principal Magistrate Alloys Ndege last Thursday. The case will be heard again on March 26.

    He was forced to part with Ksh 40,000 for a bond in order to be released with one surety of a similar amount after the prosecution did not object to him being granted bail.

    In the case against Nyaga, he is charged with stealing ‘public stores’ namely an Occurrence Book and a cell register of Bura Police Station.

    The prosecution has four witnesses, all of them police officers.

    It is still not clear what action will be taken against the officers who were missing from the station when Nyaga took the items.

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