Government Warns of Re-emergence of Mungiki and Gaza Gangs

  • The Central Regional Commander, Wilfred Nyagwanga, has given a stern warning over the re-emergence of Mungiki and Gaza gangs in the region, more specifically in Murang'a and Nyeri counties.

    He cited unlawful trends of gambling, illicit brews, drug consumption (illegal) and peddling as key elements characterizing the gangs.

    Nyagwanga was keen to note that the police were organizing themselves to launch rapid response initiatives by the employment of multi-agency teams to discourage the development of the gangs.

    He was speaking after chairing a meeting with the regional security committee that includes county commissioners and their deputies.

    He asserted that the gangs hide and operate in the name of persons doing the illegal businesses making them hard to be identified by ordinary members of the society.

    He categorically warned criminals that camouflaging into either Gaza or any other group will not help since the police are on their trail.

    Nyagwanga also asked the residents to maintain good and close working relations with persons charged with Nyumba Kumi initiatives, as well as the police to ensure gang members are arrested and prosecuted.

    The security chief, however, focused on the vice of illicit brew more stating, “We are going to wipe out all the illicit brews in the area with a multi-agency team by conducting swoops in areas where the brews are prepared.”

    He also went ahead to cite areas of Thika River and Chania as notorious places where the gangs hide.

    The Central region has experienced problems with gangs, peddling and illegal brews and drugs for a long time.

    Mr Nyagwanga was nonetheless optimistic that programmes such as that of the planned rapid response by the police will serve to combat the problems.

    He also took time to warn police officers against being lazy and sleeping on the job warning that action would be taken against those found culpable.

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