Ex-MP Struggling to Clear Ksh1.7M Debt After Losing Election Petition

  • Ex-Gem MP, Jakoyo Midiwo, is seemingly struggling to pay a debt of Ksh1.7 million required from him by the court after he lost the petition against current lawmaker Elisha Odhiambo in 2018.

    Midiwo was required to have paid the amount by mid-March after Odhiambo filed his bill of costs with the court. However, by the time the deadline elapsed, he had only paid Ksh500,000. 

    The vocal politician is now pleading with the court to allow him to pay the remaining Ksh1,216,820 by making Ksh50,000 installments.

    Reports also reveal that Midiwo has another debt of a similar amount owed to the IEBC and the returning officer in charge of the Gem Constituency.

    The developments made the politician apply for the release of money that he had deposited as security when he filed the cases against Odhiambo and the IEBC.

    A statement filed in the court reads, “After the Ksh500,000 security fees were released to the respondent and the sum of Ksh1, 216,820 is now due to the petitioner.”

    The court began hearing of Midiwo’s application and is yet to make a ruling on whether he will be allowed to pay via installments.

    In a supporting affidavit submitted to the court, Midiwo laments, “I’m a pensioner receiving Ksh125, 000 monthly before tax and my family depends on the same pension for upkeep as it is our main source of livelihood.”

    “I make this affidavit in support for leave to liquidate the costs by monthly installments,” the former MP indicated in his defense.

    According to Odhiambo, who has already contacted Nyaluoyo auctioneers, Midiwo’s property remains a stake owing to the debt.

    Midiwo lost the seat to Odhiambo in the August 8, 2017, General Elections.

    He first lost to Odhiambo in the party primaries before going ahead to contest for the parliamentary seat as an independent candidate.