Tanzania Police Abduct Kenyan Businessman Sparking Protests

  • Angry Kenyans on Wednesday¬†protested and closed the border with Tanzania at Namanga following an alleged kidnapping of a Kenyan businessman in the town.

    The Kenyan citizens were visibly angry as they claimed the Tanzanian police crossed the border and abducted the businessman from the Kenyan side.

    Traffic and business came to a standstill in the area as the police tried to calm down the angry residents of the town.

    It was clear that the situation was volatile since the people observed the act as a serious infringement on the rights of the Kenyan people and the sovereignty of their nation.

    The Tanzanian police were observed to be acting with impunity-a matter that apparently surprised the angry Kenyans.

    Reports indicate that the businessman was taken into the custody of the armed Tanzanian police late on Tuesday night when he was forcefully removed from his business premises and whisked to the Tanzanian side of the border.

    There were no meaningful reports about the whereabouts of the individual.

    The residents vowed not to allow normal flow of traffic across the border to resume until the Tanzanians offer some meaningful answers.

    They vowed to continue disrupting peace and order in the region until the individual is returned while alive and well.

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