Johnson Mwakazi Opens Up on Stress After Quitting Citizen TV

  • Former Citizen TV journalist Johnson Mwakazi has opened up about the challenges he experienced after quitting the Dennis Pritt Road based media station.

    Mwakazi was at the peak of his career when he left Royal Media Services (RMS) in 2013 for greener pastures.

    In an interview with The Star, Mwakazi recounted how he joined  WTV (Wholesome TV) and invested his money, every morning coming in early and leaving late, but after only three years, the company was forced to shut down.

    WTV, which was owned by a group of local investors called Foundation Media Group had Mwakazi as the CEO and branded itself as a business information TV station.

    According to Mwakazi, having to break the news to his employees that they would have to lose their jobs was one of the hardest thing he ever had to do.

    “I remember there were families depending on it as their source of daily bread, and to call them and tell them we are closing down and that we would be releasing some of them was the lowest moment in my entire life,” he disclosed.

    He added that if it were up to him, he would have given his employees alternative jobs.

    “Sometimes I meet them, I’m glad some have jobs, but when I look back, if only I had the option, I would have given them jobs. I would have wanted to have more people employed there,” he divulged.

    Currently, the award-winning journalist runs The Royal Voice International, a media production company that provides voice-over services to numerous content across the media landscape. 

    “Nowadays, I tell myself that maybe this is where I will feed more people and generations to come,” he observed.