DP Ruto's Real Source of Wealth Explained

  • There are many reports and rumours about Deputy President William Ruto's wealth owing to the fact that he did not come from a well off family.

    In a detailed post in 2011, Ruto explained how he came to own all the property associated with him.

    He was responding to questions about his ability to fund a presidential campaign. 

    "Many have asked about my wealth and my source of funds to run a presidential campaign. This is not the first time being involved in a presidential campaign. In 2002 I was in Uhuru's and 2007 in Tinga's (Raila's). For the record, I helped raise half the funds used in the 2007 campaign.

    It is public knowledge that the DP used to sell chicken for as low as Ksh11 each but it still puzzles Kenyas how he came to own multi-million shilling property like Weston Hotel and another near the Indian Ocean.

    "I sold chicken at a railway crossing near my home, I build my father a house using my university boom, paid fees for my siblings," he noted.

    "I have paid mortgage since 1996, sometimes two or three mortgages for whatever property I own. The records are available from the financial institutions and banks," Ruto disclosed.

    Ruto intimated that he then painstakingly bought shares in companies including some that he has built from scratch. 

    He explained that he was not generous because he had a lot, adding that "I know of many guys, some my friends who are stinking rich but wear shirts torn at the neck from overuse."

    Referring to an analyst who had questioned his wealth, Ruto stated, "Many people believe erroneously that you must be poor merely because your parents were! In fact, some say ridiculously that there are people who were born to be poor! - that is the gospel according to the devil". 

    "I am determined to run for president because I understand what hustlers go thro and can assemble the will to give a real chance to the ordinary Kenyan to be something," he concluded.