Nuteez Peanut Butter Cleared by KEBS

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  • Nuteez peanut butter which had been pulled off the shelves over aflatoxin claims has been given a clean bill of health by KEBS. 

    The bureau issued a statement on Friday stating, "Suspension of the Standardization Mark permit no. 965 for Peanut Butter branded Nuteez has been lifted".

    KEBS added that the manufacturer, Jetlak Foods Limited, based in Ruiru, had also addressed the concerns that were raised, with regard to control of incoming raw materials.  

    "We shall continue to monitor the effectiveness of Jetlak Foods Ltd controls for the Peanut Butter product through market surveillance, factory inspections and testing," it noted. 

    Nuteez Peanut butter

    In February, the government banned Nuteez, including three other brands of peanut butter from the market for exceeding the maximum required limit of aflatoxins. 

    Triclover’s ‘Nuts Smooth’ and ‘Nuts Chocolate’ peanut butter brands were found to be at 36.44ppb and 44.25ppb.

    ‘Mother nature’ peanut butter brand manufactured by Mother Nature’s Product, reportedly had aflatoxin levels at 27.26ppb. 

    These levels were considerably high given that the maximum total aflatoxin content should be 15 ppb. 

    Peanut and peanut products are easily susceptible to fungus and molds that are toxic when in high levels, making them unfit for human consumption. 

    Aflatoxin, a carcinogen, is produced by a fungus known as "Aspergillus flavus" and is highly poisonous. 

    The carcinogens are associated with the development of several diseases such as aflatoxicosis. They are also poisonous to both humans and domestic animals. 

    Nuteez Peanut butter in a bottle