Nairobi Boarding Houses Where You Can Get Ksh50 Accommodation

  • An investigative documentary by The Star has led to the revelation that there exist several hotels within Nairobi where Ksh 50 is sufficient to grant one a shower and a night's rest.

    The boarding houses that were documented by Akello Odenyo, in her exposé, are located in Muthurwa and Gikomba market area within the county of Nairobi.

    "The most decent place has a common bathroom where the women queue and take their showers openly, with the water heavily rationed," revealed Peninah Awiuor, a resident at the Muthurwa boarding house.

    Ms Awuor went on to reveal to Ms Odenyo that the houses were infested with bedbugs but at Ksh 50, a place for one to rest and freshen up in the morning is all they could ask for.

    Once you pay up, you are handed a five-litre jerrycan half-filled with water and a receipt, which acts as the pass into the common room.

    Newcomers are reportedly given the tour of the facilities as well as directed on where to sleep by a security guard who is always stationed at the main entrance.,

    Upon entry, razor-thin mattresses occupy most of the floor space, each separated from the other by 50cm or less, thus making privacy a luxury.

    During her expedition, the reporter went on to reveal that majority of the people living in such establishments were manual labourers, stranded travellers, prostitutes, couples who have disagreed and homeless people.

    The local residents revealed that there were numerous other similar places in the area, with different boarding houses offering different packages at different prices.

    Rebecca Atieno, the woman who recently gave birth unassisted at Uhuru Park disclosed that she had been using such establishments for her accommodation within the city.