A Whooping 80 Per Cent of Nairobi Hospitals are Quacks - Report

  • A report tabled in the Nairobi County Assembly on Wednesday, revealed the grave risk Nairobi residents face by entrusting their lives to unlicensed health facilities. 

    The report indicated that of the 9,043 health facilities, 7,900 are operating illegally. 

    Nairobians, especially those living in informal settlements could be getting health services and advice from quacks. 

    Nairobi County Assembly in session

    The survey was triggered by the rise in deaths and complaints reported after botched medical procedures. 

    MCAs Francis Ngesa and Joseph Wambugu were particularly perturbed by the death of activist Caroline Mwatha that was linked to an abortion gone wrong. 

    House Minority Whip Peter Imwatok blamed the county executive, claiming he had done nothing to safeguard the lives of Nairobi residents by allowing unlicensed clinics to operate. 

    "This report simply means that in every 10 health facilities in Nairobi residents visit, eight are likely to be unlicensed, putting at risk the lives of such Nairobians. 

    I expected the executive to have closed all the unregistered clinics, but to date, they are still operating," protested Imwatok.

    Health CEC Mohamed Dagane stated that the county's role is to inspect health facilities upon request by the proprietor who must be accredited to operate a medical institution by the respective regulatory boards. 

    The regulatory boards include the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, Nursing Council, Clinical Officers Council, Laboratory Board, Radiology Board and Pharmacy and Poisons Board. 

    Nairobi County Assembly Minority Whip Peter Imwatok