Rape Suspect and Victim Elope Landing Guarantor in Jail 

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  • Jeremiah Nandwa, 65, ended up serving a 4-month jail term at the Nakuru GK Prison after opting to bail out his childhood friend's son.

    Mr Nandwa's predicament started back in 2017 when his childhood friend begged him to help in bailing out his 17-year-old son - Zephania Musungu, who had been charged with defiling a 12-year-old girl.

    Nandwa agreed to help and even went as far as giving out the title deed of his family's land as security in exchange for the boy's freedom.

    He was set for release on a bond of Ksh400,000 and a surety of similar amount, all of which was catered for by Mr Nandwa's act of kindness.

    Image of Mr Nandwa at a past hearing

    However, drama ensued almost immediately upon release as his childhood friend disappeared alongside his son as well as the 12-year-old alleged rape victim.

    "I tried in vain to trace him through the phone number he had given me," a somber Nandwa disclosed to Daily Nation.

    The minor's parents claimed Nandwa had stepped in to defeat justice and called for his arrest and his surety forfeited for failing to produce the suspect.

    " I was sent to Nakuru GK prison for four months for failing to produce the suspect," he revealed.

    Mr Nandwa was set to be released on a Ksh500,000 bond which was then suspended following pressure from the victim's parents as well as human rights groups.

    It later emerged that Musungu and the minor had been living together in Bungoma, with the girl allegedly found pregnant by Mr Nandwa's hired investigators.

    In a strange twist, the suspect denied being the bonded person and fingerprints presented by police indicating that he was not the same person, despite Mr Nandwa physically identifying a boy he had known since he was born.

    He was then found in contempt of court and fined Ksh 20,000 or six months imprisonment in default.

    Justice Joel Ngugi released him on a free bond with his title deed still under the court's custody until the entire matter is resolved.

    Image of Justice Joel Ngugi at a past event