Kenya's Delayed Rains Stuck in Tanzania - Weatherman

  • The Meteorological Department has stated that rain-bearing winds are stuck in Tanzania due to low-pressure, hence, drought might persist till the end of the month.

    The acting Kenya Meteorological Department director, Stella Aura, stated that the low pressure makes it difficult for the winds to be pushed northwards to Kenya.

    "The seasonal rains are caused by the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone but currently it hasn't moved northwards," Aura told The Standard.

    Beatrice Mbula (Right) Head of conservancy Nyanza and Stella Aura Director Kenya Metrological Department

    “It is sitting in Tanzania, the high-pressure systems in the south have not strengthened to the point that they will push the ITCZ so there will just be a delay, but the rains will come towards the end of the month,” she added.

    Bearing in mind that April is the peak month for long rains, several parts of the country have complained that they are yet to receive the rains.

    The department shed light on a couple of things regarding the expected rains in April, some of them being; farmers were advised to plant fast-maturing crops as the rains would not last long.

    Rainfall in pastoral areas is expected to be average hence livestock in these areas might be affected.

    Those living in places that have poor drainage systems especially in the urban areas were warned of expected floods.

    Cases of lightning are also expected to escalate in Western Kenya as mudslides and landslides could hit parts of the central highlands.

    “Contingency measures should, therefore, be put in place to avoid any loss of lives and property,” the department advised.

    Kenya Meteorological Department in Nairobi