Matatu Operator Who Drives Disabled Children to School in Kibera [VIDEO]

  • A Kibera matatu operator who drives disabled children to school has received rare recognition after Al Jazeera did a 2 minutes 45 seconds video of his daily routine.

    Stanley Motanya Okinyi narrates that he started ferrying the disabled children to school after realising the challenges they were going through.

    The muddy streets of Kibera make it difficult for parents to use wheelchairs and hence, end up carrying them on their backs which is very tiresome.

    "I volunteered and I bring them to school," he stated.

    Motanya started ferrying the children after he realised he could not find a bus driver for his daughter who also had disabilities.

    "When my daughter was born, she was able to talk and walk, however, she fell sick and all these stopped. Nowadays, she only lies down in one position," he revealed.

    The matatu driver added that taking care of these children can be challenging as some are unable to walk.

    He only charges some of the parents but pays for fuel and maintenance of the vehicle.

    Netizens were impressed by Motanya acts of kindness, with some citing that he should be nominated for an award.

    "This is the culture of service we need more of," one Duncan Chege commented.

    "We just need simple solutions like this that give life a whole new meaning," Macan weighed in.