Kamene Goro Reveals Husband Dumped Her Via WhatsApp Call

  • Popular NRG Radio presenter Kamene Goro has finally opened up about the manner in which her husband disolved their marriage.

    While appearing on K24's Upclose hosted by Betty Kyallo, the presenter criticised her husband who she claimed could not afford to buy airtime to dump opting for WhatsApp call, the cheapest form of voice talk.

    "First of all, he is the one who left me via a call...Imagine a WhatsApp call. A free call. You couldn't even spend your money to break up with me bro." she remarked.

    She further revealed that she came out with the information knowing that it could help other people who were going through the experience.

    "Don't people get dumped? It might feel so much better for someone going through it for me to come out and say 'imagine yeah, I was dumped,'" she continued.

    Her gamble, however, paid off since she says that she received uplifting messages from other people who were going through the experience.

    Goro also explained that some of the issues she talk about on her morning show, The NRG  Breakfast Club, including when she was dumped by another man she had been dating recently. The conversation was aired on her show number three.

    She hosts the show alongside Andrew Kibe and and DJ Kace.

    She also took the opportunity to address a statement she reportedly made that went viral disclosing the number of men she had slept with as 27.

    "It was true but the context of it? First of all, that video leaked. It wasn't supposed to go out like that. it was supposed to be cut up and put in context of various conversation we had been having during the show," she explained.

    Watch the video below: