Glass-Floor Balcony on Nairobi's Le'Mac Tower Intimidates Kenyans

Perched 24 floors up in the sky, 126 meters-high, the transparent glass-floor balcony on Le'Mac towers, Westlands has driven netizens into a frenzy.

"The 60mm thick see-through glass floor standing out around the property and is meant to beat the fear for heights," Ravi Vasta, the building's developer was quoted by Business Daily.

Despite the vantage view of Westlands and Nairobi from the balcony, many Kenyans opined that it appeared to be a risky adventure.

Others opined that their wobbly feet would likely not carry their bodies around the balcony and they might end up crawling.

"That's so cool Calib but not for people that are afraid of heights.The Chinese have been building glass walkways in taller cliffs... So cool!" One netizen stated.

In China, I'll walk comfortably but in Kenya itabidi after 2 years to test it's strength. Bana, unaeza jipata ulienda chini alafu story kwa media ibaki ikisema ulicommit suicide (If you go down, the media will claim that you committed suicide).

Glass-floor sky-walks are attractions in many developed countries and Le'Mac towers is set to join these sites once it opens its doors in October 2019 after 4 years of construction.

Le'Mac was designed by architect-cum-politician Sylvia Mueni, who also owns Sycum Solutions company.

On the 24th floor, there is rooftop swimming pool, a gym and a children’s play area.

The property has offices on six floors and residential apartments on 14 floors. The 23rd floor will have a spa and a business centre.

According to property developers, Kenya’s super-rich and expatriates want spaces surrounded by greenery which has seen high-end projects in areas bordering Karura Forest and in Karen.

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