Uhuru's Advice on Making a Marriage Exciting

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta shares a light moment with First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Twitter
  • It's uncommon for you to hear President Uhuru Kenyatta talk about marriage but once in a while, he will throw in one or two words on it. This time, he decided to give some secrets on how to make life with a spouse exciting. 

    He revealed the secret during his first ever speech in Washington, US as Kenya's President in 2014.

    He told Kenyans in the diaspora who had gathered to listen that couples need different perspectives, opinions, and ideologies. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta embracing First Lady Margaret Kenyatta

    Uhuru argued that the small arguments and scuffles that arise from the difference in opinion make life exciting. 

    "Can you imagine if you woke up every day and agreed with everything your wife said, and your wife agreed with everything you said. Wouldn't that be a very boring life?" Uhuru posed to the audience that burst into laughter. 

    He added that in hindsight, arguments open the mind as one tries to think through the cause of their partner's actions or opinions. 

     "It is good some times when we argue because it makes you think. 'Why did she do that this morning? why did he do that this morning?' " the president explained. 

    Speaking about marriage in another event, Uhuru urged young people to intermarry in order to help Kenya become more cohesive. 

    “We celebrate the coming together of our people. This generation is doing tremendous things because they do not see barriers between them. 

    "They see the person they went to school with, and the person they work with. That is who they respect. That is who they fall in love with and marry," Uhuru told Kenyans who had attended Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi 's daughter’s wedding in January 2019.