Kenyans Spent Ksh15 Billion on Weddings in 2018 - Report

  • A report by one of Kenya's top wedding media and lifestyle companies revealed that Kenyans spent Ksh 15 billion on weddings in 2018.

    Samantha Bridal in its report quoted by Business Daily, stated that the wedding industry in Kenya had grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, generating revenue well in excess of Ksh30 billion every year.

    "Of this amount, about half (Ksh15 billion) is spent on the actual day of the wedding," stated an excerpt of the report.

    On average, about 28,000 Kenyans are wedded every year, with costs ranging between Ksh 500,000 for the conservative couples to Ksh43 million for the rich and flamboyant, inclusive of honeymoon costs.

    “Kenyans are marrying late in life when they are established in careers that afford them a disposable income which they can use to finance the kind of wedding they want,” a section of the report revealed.

    Wedding planner and owner of Aura Events - Fatemi Bhaiji, while speaking to Business Daily affirmed that the report was fairly accurate, adding that costs of flowers and other decors shouldn't be trifled.

    ‘‘The cheapest wedding I have planned so far cost Ksh500,000 and most couples are spending upwards,’’ Ms Bhaiji stated, adding that the intricate handmade floral details that couples request for usually pushes the cost up. 

    According to the Samantha Bridal report, the average cost of a wedding in Kenya currently stands at Ksh3.5 million with florals, white tablecloth settings, candles, great wine, and lots of food adding to the high expenses.

    Wilson Mutura and Ann Mutura hold the record for the cheapest wedding ever as they got hitched on a Ksh 100 budget. The couple made the headlines after their unique low-cost wedding went viral back in 2017. 

    In some extreme cases, the bride may demand to make her grand entry in a specially decorated horse-drawn carriage, a perk which would cost approximately Ksh 145,000. 

    Businessman Jared Otieno made headlines a few years ago when he landed in Meru with choppers and high-end cars to pay a Ksh15 million dowry for his girlfriend Kendi Mwiti, with sources indicating he spent almost double the amount during their wedding that was held at Windsor Golf & County Club.