Ivy's Best Friend's Hand in Her Murder

Ivy Wangeci's best friend has reportedly turned a State witness due to her hand in the murder case involving the deceased's lover Naftali Kinuthia.

Quoting sources at the DCI, K24 TV indicated that Kinuthia had traveled to Moi University on Friday to meet his lover.

While meeting Ivy, he was introduced to her best friend with whom they exchanged contacts.

Kinuthia then traveled back to Thika. However, in the next few days, he was in constant contact with the best friend in a bid to investigate his suspicion that she was cheating on him.

Ivy would then ask for Ksh 14,000 in preparation for her upcoming birthday.

According to the report, Kinuthia parted with this amount through mobile money transfer.

Soon after, the deceased asked for Ksh 10,000 which he equally sent out to her.

Curiously, Ivy asked for a third dispatch of Ksh 10,000 which her boyfriend declined indicating that he would be travelling to see her on Tuesday.

K24 indicates that going by both Kinuthia's account and that of Ivy's best friend, he initially had no premeditated plan to murder her.

Upon getting to Eldoret, the two met to discuss some thorny matters and after giving Ivy some undisclosed amount of money, she excused herself since she needed to do her shift at the hospital as part of the course.

Soon after, Ivy allegedly switched off her phone effectively blocking Kinuthia from contacting her.

It is this act that would infuriate him into a rage that saw the medic student's life terminated prematurely.

Kinuthia was reportedly in communication with Ivy's best friend even on the day of the murder.

He would later go the streets of Eldoret, purchase an axe and a knife which he sharpened and later used to execute the murder outside the hospital where Ivy was working.



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