Another Child's Limb Amputated in Botched Jab at a Kiambu Hospital

  • Kennedy Mumo, the father to baby Ambrose Mumo narrated that on March 29, 2019, the baby was crying uncontrollably and he decided to take him to a Kiambu hospital.

    Mumo narrated that the baby was injected on the thigh and later put on oxygen after he was told that Ambrose was having trouble breathing.

    They were later told that the injection had touched the baby's bone on the thigh and that it had started discolouring.

    "I decided to take the baby in Gertrude's Hospital in Muthaiga. The doctors there told me that the left leg was rotten and there was no option but to amputate it," Mumo stated.

    Reports by The Star added that the nurses at the hospital did not want to accompany the baby as the doctor in charge was not there to sign a referral form.

    Hannah Njeri, the mother narrated that the nurses kept drawing blood from the baby.

    "When I asked the nurse, she told me that they were checking the sugar levels, I could see that the leg was getting worse, it had become black and it was cold," she claimed.

    This comes a few days after another couple narrated a similar predicament at Kihara Hospital in Kiambu county.

    Austin Njoroge, a two-month-old baby was forced to undergo a surgical operation to amputate his right leg at the ankle and left hand at the wrist after a botched injection at the hospital.

    Baby Austin's parents  Peter Gitonga and Leah Waithira, told Daily Nation that his complications began after an allegedly botched BCG vaccination.