How to Solve Kenya's Unemployment Crisis - US Ambassador Kyle McCarter Advises

  • US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has tabled one sure approach that will see Kenya solve it's unemployment crisis.

    Speaking at KICC on Wednesday, the envoy opined that by expanding it's economy, Kenya will effectively solve unemployment.

    '"Volume cures many an ill.' A vibrant economy two times larger than today will employ youth and give them a way to contribute to the success of the nation vs violent extremism," McCarter stated.

    He further highlighted the need to end theft and starting to invest in the next generation right away.

    "We more good governance, not more government, in order to clear the path for the private sector to create a robust economy that provides opportunities for our youth. Reach out today to a young person & mentor them. Encourage them," he stated.

    McCarter was addressing the Sense 101 Life Club, a life skills mentorship club piloted by Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga for training, coaching and mentoring members on life skills.

    "I’m excited to be in Kenya at this pivotal moment in its history. Kenya is poised to be the shining star of democracy and prosperity for Africa," he exuded optimism.

    He further indicated that the United States is proud of the long-standing partnership with Kenya.

    "The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is another great example of US government's investment in Kenyan youth.

    "Through Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) we support the next generation of African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance and enhance peace and security across SSA," he noted.

    According to Ambassador McCarter, the United States government currently invests close to Ksh100 billion in assistance to Kenya every year.

    "Americans spend billions more in tourism, charitable giving, and business investment," he emphasised underlining the cordial Kenya-US relationship.